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Fact. Women Love Men Who Love Kids.

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, the average woman between the ages of 18 and grandmother will automatically melt into a lady-puddle when they see a man interacting with a child. It’s science and you should be capitalizing on it. Plus, kid’s are awesome. Win-win!

Not following? Hear us out. Gingerly cradle a baby and without question her mind will wander to “he’d be such a great dad.” Even if the two of you are nowhere near having kids, never want kids, or are allergic to kids. It’s just a naturally occurring, uncontrollable female reaction. It has something to do with ovaries and biological hourglasses and it can only mean good things for your carefully maintained boyfriend rep.

And this rule doesn’t just apply to infants. Spend 30 minutes on the playground with a youngster she’ll say to herself “he’s such a kid at heart!” in conjunction with the aforementioned “he’d be such a great dad.”

The lesson here? Next time you’re with your girlfriend, find a baby and hold it. And if you come within 20 feet of a child, remember; you are Lord of the Rug Rats, King of Kids.

Actually, before you go reaching for infants, please brush up on the following: