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Wine for a Romantic Dinner

Wine is yummy in your tummy! If, like us and your local vagrant, you sometimes stare dumb-founded at the liquor store wine rack for 20 minutes trying not to talk to yourself, read on. We’ve prepared a short guide to help you pick the perfect bottle for a romantic dinner with your lady.

Each grape is unique

First, take a look and bookmark this awesome grape flavor visualization.

Each grape has a unique flavor, from Malbec to to Pinot Noir. The grape is the most important part of the wine – heck it’s not just expensive fermented grape juice and your lady is likely to know the difference. To help you impress the lady, read up on these standard grapes of the wine world. The list below should help you get started.

Cabernet Sauvignon… dry, full-bodied and complex. When grown in cooler climates, it often yields bottles with vegetal and herby notes, while production in warmer climates often results in jammy flavors.

Malbec… dark, medium, full-bodied wines with a high level of alcohol, typically rich in jammy flavors, such as blackberry and cherry, and may also have an earthy taste.

Merlot… a key ingredient in most Bordeaux wines, low in tannins and can be rich in ripe plummy flavours with undercurrents of chocolate, tobacco and spice.

Syrah/Shiraz… dark, dense, smooth and often spicy with the flavor of ripe berries, they can be enjoyed young, although they often benefit from long aging.

Zinfandel… naturally very high in sugar, yielding bottles with high levels of alcohol. When the skins are left on for fermentation, the result can be a rich red wine that offers the flavors of ripe berries, prunes and pepper. When the skins are removed, the result is a slightly sweet, less intense pale-pink white wine that is often blended with Muscat or Riesling.

Merlot… This red wine grape is generally low in tannins and can be rich in ripe plummy flavors with undercurrents of chocolate, tobacco and spice. Merlot is a key ingredient in most Bordeaux wines.

Learn more on grape varieties here.


If you already know the basics, we recommend trying something new. Taste for dollar, two hot regions these days are South Africa and Portugal. While new is good, safe is good too. If you’re caught at the liquor store and struggling to pick a bottle, you can always fall back on French wines, be sure the wine was “Bottled at the Chateau” and falls under a controlled region (i.e. Bordeaux, Cotes du Rhone,..).

With these tips, a little finesse, and your usual charm, she should be pouring the wine like this by the end of the night

Take a look at this great clip from the Wine Guru, Gary Vaynerchuk.

A kit to get you started

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Just one bottle

If you’re looking for just one bottle, might we suggest this easy going Shiraz.

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Sweet, sweet, desert

If you’re looking for something sweet (besides the lady) to end the evening, consider this raspberry desert wine.

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