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Why girls love sex & the city

Why do so many women love the show? The short answer is that each of the four main characters represents a part of themselves or at least an archetype to which they can relate. Whether they identify with Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte York, Miranda Hobbes, or Samantha Jones, each has a trait or two that many women can see in their own experience. Not only that, but some fans find themselves looking up to the fab four:

As the Telegraph states, “Like every woman I knew, I was transfixed by the exploits of four female friends. They were skinnier than me, better dressed, had better-paid jobs and lived in Manhattan. But despite the differences, they uncannily articulated my thoughts and celebrated my life with a jaunty wit, in a way no programme had before.”

To celebrate the fabulous, mercurial woman in your life, we picked a few gifts to suit at least some of her many moods:

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