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Valentines Day: Why it’s important

Don’t be the guy full of excuses!

Every year some douche tries to get away with not celebrating Valentine’s Day by saying something lame like, “every day is Valentine’s day.” No, buddy. Unless your girlfriend lives off of eloquent four-course meals that you cooked, in addition to a limitless supply of chocolate truffles and cuddles, everyday is not Valentine’s day.

Another good one: “I don’t celebrate commercial holidays.” Okay, Mr. Hippy. I suppose you don’t buy a tree on Christmas, or a card for Mother’s day either? (You BEST be gettin’ yo momma a card boy!)

Truth is, I don’t care if it’s a commercial holiday. The sentiment behind it is still worth celebrating. If you really believe what you say, and are not just using it as a poor excuse to be a horrible boyfriend, (which you are), why don’t you just refrain from purchasing gifts, instead of from celebrating the holiday? Valentine’s day shouldn’t be a chore, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

You don’t think it’s a big deal if you skip out on it this year? Think of it this way: This is a day filled with endless reminders that a few fortunate people have been lucky enough to find love. Imagine your girlfriend, surrounded by chocolates, flowers, and gushing co-workers all day, while she waits patiently for you to surprise her. Her friends will call to rave about the amazing things their boyfriends did for Valentine’s day, and she will wait and wait, only to be sadly disappointed.

See my point? Have I got you shaking in your boots yet?

Don’t worry. Here at MakeYourGirlfriendHappy.com we have plenty of helpful tips and great ideas. Now that we know you understand how important it is, we’ve totally got your back!

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