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Three Reasons to Love Chick Flicks

Admit it, you cringe every time your girlfriend suggests going to see a movie, don’t you? You might smile and nod, or even over-enthusiastically exclaim, “I’d LOVE to see that with you sweetie!” But deep down your internal organs are boiling and you’re cursing Ryan Gosling for his abs, his smile, and most of all, for his betrayal of men everywhere. Why must he repeatedly make movies where he stars as, (sigh), “that guy”? What a douche.

But chick flicks can do amazing things for relationships, and, in particular, for you. Here’s why:

1. The Douche Bag

Every chick flick has one. He’s the asshole, the player, the cheater. Seeing these men reminds girls of how tough it was to be single, and how rare it is to find a guy who actually appreciates and respects them. Knowing that you’re there by her side when you’d rather be watching something else shows her just how unlike these guys you are, and trust me, she’ll appreciate it.

2.The Happy Ending

We all know how chick flicks go. A flawed but totally relatable girl stumbles her way through life until suddenly deciding to make a change. After a series of trials and failures, the heroine finally gets the guy/ job/ recognition she deserves. These “winning” moments will remind your girlfriend of happy moments in her own life. And if you’ve been following the tips from our site, this means it will remind her of you.

3. The After Effect

There’s a reason why girls love chick flicks so much, and, (surprisingly), it has nothing to do with Ryan Gosling’s abs. (Okay, maybe it has a little bit to do with his abs). But mostly it has to do with the fact that chick flicks are very uplifting. If your girlfriend leaves the theatre with a smile on her face, your time has been well spent. Her good mood can only mean good things for you. Remember that the next time you silently wish that the movie’s male star secretly suffers from erectile dysfunction.

Written by: Snow White