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What women (including your girlfriend) want

What turns women on? Men have asking themselves (and each other) this questions for eons. If you’re in a monogamous relationship (which we assume you are, since this is called Make Your Girlfriend Happy and not Make Your Friend-With-Benefits Happy), it turns out there are a number of things that are scientifically proven to turn women on. This week, MadeMan.com published a list of the the top nine reasons why women are attracted to men. Frankly, they’re superficial, but also bang on:

  1. Piercings, tattoos, and scars: No scars, no proof, tough guy.
  2. Money: A reasonable amount is what they want; it’s a validation of your status.
  3. A deep voice: That guy who does the voice overs for movie trailers must be cleaning up.
  4. Height: Not much you can about this. And don’t even try lifts, Tom Cruise.
  5. A V-shaped torso: There’s the gym for that.
    # Sense of humour: You’re already one step ahead as a subscriber to this newsletter.
    # Emotional appeal: In short, you > bad ex-boyfriends.
    # Smell: Lay off the cologne and try bathing on a regular basis.
    # Confidence: Be bold, be daring, be swashbuckling.

While you might not yet be part of the HGC – The Handsome Gentlemen’s Club, you can always improve. All of these traits are great in and of themselves, but what this list really boils down to is that a woman wants to feel secure, protected and prized – and you can do that even if you weren’t born with a baritone voice. It’s up to you to ensure your style, attitude and actions make her feel special. In the end, that’s worth a whole lot more than a tattoo.

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Fine, what they really want is jewellery…