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Three Things Good Boyfriends Know to Avoid

A friend once told me that after having sex with her boyfriend for the first time he told her, “your boobs are a lot nicer than I thought they would be.” (Um… Thanks?) People, this is not a compliment. When she got mad he was dumbfounded, saying, “What? No! That’s a good thing!” Okay, so this guy was particularly stupid. I truly hope that most of you can see where he went wrong. But all of you do it sometimes; you mean well but you sound mean. Here’s how to avoid being that guy.

Avoid backhanded compliments

Stuff like “You look great, those jeans fit you much better now.” Or “Your hair looks awesome, not as yellow as before.” Should be avoided at all costs. Notice what went wrong in both these cases? The guy started with something nice, but then he just kept going. Shut up. Sometimes it’s good for you :)

Don’t act surprised

Of course your girlfriend is beautiful/smart/successful. That’s why you love her, right? So why is it that sometimes guys act like everything their girlfriend does exceeds their expectations? If she tells you her exam went well, or she got a promotion at work, don’t say “really?” Say, “I knew you would.”

Don’t compare her to your ex- or to anyone

If you say “wow, we have so much more in common than my ex and I had,” all she is taking away from that sentence is that you still think of your ex. In an ideal world, your exes don’t exist, so why not just pretend that’s the world we live in? Similarly, don’t compare her to any other girl. “You’re so much prettier than her” sounds nice, but it’s not. Your girlfriend is beautiful, regardless of how other girls look. If you want to make her feel like she’s the only girl in the world, act like it.

Written by: Snow White