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Even if You Can’t Cook, Cook for Her

Note: This post is not for the culinarily gifted.

Rat in the kitchen

There are plenty of men out there who can dazzle their girlfriends with an impromptu gourmet meal complete with perfectly paired wines, rare spices no one’s ever heard of or cares about, and a flashy banane flambĂ© finalĂ©. But you’re not him, you never will be, and that’s totally fine. More than fine really because we’re going to let you in on a little secret.

Sure, women love a man who knows his way around the kitchen. But do you know whom they find equally attractive? The man who can’t cook at all, but is willing to risk a big flopping failure of a meal trying. That’s right boys, file this one under “Making an Effort 101.”

Now. Roll up your sleeves, channel Jamie Oliver, download the latest recipe app, and cook something. Anything. Pour your girlfriend a glass of wine, tell her she’s not allowed to lift a finger, and make something moderately edible that doesn’t involve a microwave. Swoon city, guaranteed.

If you’re a serious novice and the thought of cooking at all, let alone for the woman of your dreams gives you the sweats, just remember to keep it simple. Find recipes with a short list of ingredients, and maybe even give it a little practice run on your own a few nights before.

Here are some simple recipes to get you started:

Jamie Oliver’s Herb Marinated Chicken and Roasted Vegetables. No brainer!

Vegetarian? The Moroccan Quinoa Salad from Green Kitchen Stories is an easy breezy crowd pleaser.

A few more helpful hints

  • Have simple snacks out for munching like almonds, cheeses, and/or olives. That way she’s not starving if you’re running behind schedule.
  • Music is a must, candles are not.
  • Dessert is always impressive, but after the trouble you’ve gone through, just a simple pint of Ben and Jerry’s with two spoons will give her the grins. Forethought, brothers.
  • Bonus points for cooking bare-chested.