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Top 10 Compliments for your Girlfriend or Wife Part Deux

Who better to tell you what women want to hear than the team at Make your Girlfriend Happy? So pay close attention, Lotharios: As the good people at Make Your Girlfriend Happy have told you, a well delivered compliment is a sure-fire way to make her like putty in your hands.

But before we even get to the words you’ll use to hook her, let’s take a moment to cover the importance of proper eye contact. After all, you can’t spell “eyes” without “yes,” and a loving stare alone will score you big. We’re not saying to go all The Shining’s Jack Nicholson on her, but gazing intently at her is the best way to appear genuine while delivering a compliment. (Yup, ladies can tell by the glaze in your eyes when you aren’t paying attention!) So, gentlemen, focus those orbs and proceed with confidence! Here we go:

10. “Did you do something new with your hair?” Showing her you’ve noticed a change will go a long way (particularly if she told you straight-up that she’s going to the hairdresser). It’s really quite simple: If she was a blonde when she left in the morning and a brunette when she returns in the afternoon, for the love of Lucifer, tell her you like her hair (the compliment can range from “It looks very nice” to “Damn you look hot with brown hair”). Whoever said blondes have more fun will be wrong if you play your cards right.

9. “You have the most amazing eyes [or smile].” One or the other, boys! If dole out the compliments like they’re going out of style, she’ll absolutely feel suspicious and possibly begin wondering whether you have ulterior motives in mind. So spread out the sweet talk if you want to come across sincerely.

8. “I love how you make me feel.” This is a good one! Telling your woman she’s got you feelin’ all warm and fuzzy will, in turn, make her feel all warm and fuzzy. Just be sure you’re prepared for inevitable follow-up question: “And how exactly do I make you feel, honey?” Your answer could make the difference between post-coital cuddling and sleeping on the couch.

7. “You’re an amazing kisser.” Sounds elementary, right? Thing is, sometimes you just need to get back to the basics. Such a simple remark can be extremely touching, especially if you’ve been together for a long time.

6. “That was great.” It’s versatile and virtually foolproof. Just use your imagination: A compliment after a romp in the sack never hurts and can very well be a reason for round two. This line also pairs wonderfully with a delicious meal she’s made. (Note: It sounds even better if you say it while heading to the kitchen to take care of the dishes.)

5. “You’re the nicest person I know.” This is a guaranteed grand slam. By focusing on any positive aspect of her personality, you demonstrate that your feelings run deep.

4. “We’re so good together.” “We” her and you’ll create an instant bond. Whether consciously or not, women pick up on these discreet indications of togetherness. When you toss out a “we,” you’re telling her the two of you are a team. (And who knows? Perhaps an ass pat and other celebratory team activities will ensue.)

3. “You look really good today.” If you’ve noticed she’s lost weight, this is a discreet way of saying it. If you ask her outright, she could take it to mean you thought she was fat before, so do yourself a favour and play it safe. Even if she’s wearing sweatpants and in the middle of doing laundry, when said with sincerity, this compliment will no doubt give her a boost of confidence.

2. “You’re the most beautiful woman in the world.” Sure, you may have noticed (out loud) that Megan Fox and Scarlett Johansson are attractive. (You’re in a relationship, not dead.) By saying the aforementioned phrase to your girl, the fact that those celebs are on your list won’t matter. What’s important here is so is she!

1. “You’re so smart [or intelligent or brilliant…].” Make sure to cover all your bases. Even if she looks smokin’ hot all the time, she is not a piece of meat. Women want to be appreciated for their brains as much as their beauty, so be sure to praise that sexy mind of hers, too.

There you have it, guys. What better New Year’s resolution could there be than to make your girlfriend happy? So go forth and deliver those compliments, and may 2011 be your best year yet.

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