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Should you send her flowers at work?

Agreed, flowers are a touchy subject. Luckily we’re here to make sure that this Valentine’s Day, you get it right. Yes, V- Day is fast approaching and as usual, you’ve both agreed that it’s a silly commercial holiday, albeit a good excuse to celebrate your love for each other, even if it’s just by cuddling in front of your favourite TV series with take-out. Am I right? If so, read on.

If you’re a reasonably thoughtful boyfriend, with even the slightest romantic side, you may be asking yourself this question: Should I send my girlfriend flowers at work?

The answer is a resounding YES. Sure, unexpectedly receiving flowers can be a little embarrassing. But only in a “look how desirable I am” kind of way. Bottom line? The majority of working women secretly hope that someday, someone will send them flowers at work. They may not admit to it, or if they do they’ll tack on an obligatory “I know it’s silly” clause, but it’s a fact.

So why not on Valentine’s Day? It’s a sweet and simple way to declare your love to your girlfriend publicly, yet subtly. No awkward string quartet or proclamatory banners trailing behind airplanes. Simply choose a modest, fresh bouquet (it does not have to be roses!), send it along with a private note, and you’ve done well. Even the toughest, ass-kicking business woman will melt a little. You’re putting your feelings for her out there for all to see, and that says that you’re confident in yourself, and in the relationship.

A few helpful flower-related hints:

  • Choose flowers that suit her. Is her style a bit off-the-wall? Then choose a more rare, exotic flower like the bird of paradise or orchids. Is she more traditional? Then you might want to stick with roses or tulips. You’re a smart dude. Go with your gut.
  • Whatever you do, do not order an enormous bouquet. You want the flowers to be a bright moment in her day, not an overwhelming, obnoxious obstacle between her and her to-do list. That said, don’t skimp either. A small, sad little bouquet is just, well… sad. Your best bet is to go for the mid-range offering, annnnnd relax.
  • Make sure you get the right day. That’s all we’re gonna say on that.

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written by Fionna