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Top 10 Relationship Resolutions for a Happy 2011

The new year brings with it a clean slate and endless possibilities. If you’re still trying to come up with a worthwhile resolution (or have already broken the one(s) you’ve made), Make Your Girlfriend Happy is here to help you start the year off with a bang (or several). Here are our resolution suggestions to make 2011 the best year yet for you and yours.

1. Try fitness for two. *Misery enjoys company, so why not shed that holiday weight together? Go for a jog, pump some iron, or try Pilates what is pilates?. Not only will you feel more fit and limber (always a good thing), but the extra endorphins are guaranteed to give your bedroom activities a boost.

2. Be an adventurous duo. Always wanted to base jump into shark-infested waters and fight your way to shore? Or, perhaps, make pottery? (If not, clearly you haven’t seen Ghost) Well, now is the time to try something new. And by something, we mean anything! Love grows with shared experiences (not to mention shared trauma), so grab your girl and start living your lives to the fullest.

3. Hold a self-improvement contest. Nothing can help you break that bad habit like a healthy dose of competition. If you can benefit from being less messy, and she needs to quit biting her nails, make a game out of who can overcome his or her vice first. A rewards system that’ll motivate both of you is also a plus.

4. Be more like Brangelina. Alright, so you’ve focused on yourself. Now it’s time to concentrate on others, so get out there and volunteer. Whether your lend a hand at a homeless shelter, humane society or retirement community, or adopt half a dozen children from a war-torn country, a little Brad-and-Angelina-style philanthropy will do everyone some good.

5. Take a hint. ‘Tis true that women speak their own language, but in one form or another they always tell you what they want. You may have to sift through a little subtext sometimes, but if you’re still unable to decode her crafty choice of words, switch things up and ask her flat-out about her feelings for a change.

6. Spread the love. Show her how much you care by reaching out to her family and friends. Take your gal and her little sister to a movie. Or, next time you go out with the guys, invite her brother along. How about a lovely Sunday morning brunch with mom and pops or the BFFs? Your efforts will not go unnoticed. After all, sharing is caring.

7. Forget flowers. Flowers are indeed always appreciated, but why not skip the clich├ęs and go for something a little more creative this year? Write her a love note and stick it in her purse. (We just saved you $19.99 on roses, by the way. You’re welcome.) Without a doubt she’ll spend the day flaunting it to her co-workers and shower you with gratitude when she gets home.

8. Unleash your inner Gordon Ramsey. Spare her the rude remarks; we’re talking here about whipping up a delectable feast. No doubt she’ll give you some pretty good feedback for dessert. [Note: This gesture should be repeated multiple times throughout the year. While a one-hit wonder is nice, the more meals, the better.]

9. Dare to go bare. Doing anything in the buff increases excitement. Heck, when was the last time you went skinny dipping, streaked through the quad, or went biking in the nude (please refer to resolution #1)? You can even combine this resolution with the previous one for added fun.

10. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Reduce the number of arguments you have by reusing these wonderful resolutions all year round and recycling what you’ve learned from Make Your Girlfriend Happy. Plus, a lad who literally helps to save environment is always considered sexy, so either way, following the three Rs is a winning choice.

Make these resolutions a part of your routine and watch your relationship flourish throughout the year.