Hints from the team

Weekly relationship hints to help you make your girlfriend or wife ridiculously happy.


Some great ideas for your anniversary celebration (which you were planning anyway)

Show her how much you care by honouring the day that brought you two together.

Recreate your first date. Take her back to the time and place you first met and relive those exciting first days. Make her fall for you all over again as you reflect on how nervous or excited you were and how far you two have come.

Take her wine tasting. Head to a winery or wine-tasting class and sample some red, white and bubbly. (Remember to toast to the woman who’s made you so happy!) Feeling optimistic? Pick up a bottle of your favourite and put it aside for next year’s anniversary.

Sail away. Make reservations for a dinner cruise and rekindle that romance as you dine by candlelight and drift along the water beneath a starry sky.

Putt-putt. Mini or regular, golf is a great way to commemorate your special day. If she’s a beginner, get close on the green and help her tap in a perfect birdie. If she’s already awesome, be a good sport and act like a gentleman, even if she kicks your butt-butt.

Float up, up and away. Take her on a hot-air-balloon ride. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s your girlfriend enjoying the most awesome anniversary ever!

Split It 50/50. The date, that is (not the cheque, cheapo). Get outside your comfort zones and try something new: Divide the date in two and devote one half to an activity of your choice and the other half to an activity chosen by her. Extra points for open-mindedness and creativity!

Whether it’s been a few months or many years, don’t leave a (mile)stone unturned. An anniversary is the perfect time to reflect on your feelings and show just how much you appreciate her. So plan a romantic date and, as a finishing touch, buy a card (or make one if you’re crafty) and put a thoughtful message inside.

Oh, and congrats and many more, man!