Hints from the team

Weekly relationship hints to help you make your girlfriend or wife ridiculously happy.


It’s the little things, stupid.

Unlike men, who relish in big trucks, big burgers, big houses, and big boats; women pay attention to the details.

Forgot the toilet seat? Forgot to call? Dodged a dinner date? – they all get noted in the Anterior Commissure, the part of the female brain devoted to counting all the mistakes men make. That last part might not be true, but regardless, details matter and a small effort on your part can make a huge difference. To get you started, give these easy, simple tasks a try, they’ll get you brownie points on the site and in real life.

Small things to make your lady happy

  • Just say, “Yes Dear”. (4 points)
  • Give her hand a gentle squeeze and rub your fingers between hers. (4 points)
  • Walk on the side of the road to protect her from the cars. (3 points)
  • Pull her chair out (and put it back under her) at the restaurant. (5 points)
  • Open the car door for her. (5 points)
  • Hold the umbrella. (10 points)
  • Clean the kitchen. (5 points)
  • Clean the bathroom. (10 points)

There is no shortage of tasks you could do for her, the important thing is to actually do them! Small things add up to big brownie points, so get to work.

Some of our favourite tweets from the past week

  • Don’t tell her what to do.
  • Women love to dress up, take her out to a place with cloth napkins and heavy forks.
  • She already thinks she forgives you too much, don’t push it.
  • Always tell her she looks great; never tell her when she doesn’t. Never forget: 10 compliments offset one dumb remark. via @menshealthmag
  • If she sleeps over, you owe her breakfast.