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How to Impress a Girl

Or rather, how to keep impressing a girl. A good rule of thumb: be consistently inconsistent.
Since you are on the site, you already know a thing or two about getting a girl’s attention, the trick, often, is keeping it. Attractive women are solicited on an ongoing basis, they have seen a million pick-up lines and know the tricks of the trade. Like all great self-help tips, we put numbers before them. Here are 12 steps to keep you on your toes and make sure she stays impressed. For each idea we have brownie point tasks for you to complete on the website.

1. Be bold, be firm, be decisive.

While a woman doesn’t like to have everything decided for her, a fellow who takes initiative can be rather charming.

Brownie task: Take her out to a restaurant you picked all by yourself! – no, not TGIF nor anywhere with flat screen TVs. (15 points)

2. Compliment King.

A lady never tires of hearing how wonderful she is. Finesse the art of flattery. See our Top 10 Compliments for your lady Part Deux.

Brownie task: Give her a compliment in public. (10 points)

3. Be confident.

There’s a fine line between cocky and confident. A woman appreciates a man who is secure in his own skin, not a babbling braggart who can’t stop talking about himself. This one may take some inner soul searching, but you’re obviously a great guy if you nabbed such a superb girlfriend. Take pride in that.

Brownie task: Give her a genuine compliment in front of your friends. (10 points)

4. Be vocal.

She knows you love her but she likes to be told why. Tell her what she means to you. Follow these wise words from wise man Billy Joel’s Tell Her About It. or surprise her with your operatic skills.

Brownie task: Told her I love her in front of my good friends. (25 points)

5. Take an interest.

You don’t need to love her shows to watch them; heck, you made it through at least 5 grades of math class, you can watch Sex and the City again. Feeling dangerous? Pick up that novel she is so enthralled with. Have your own little book club, perhaps with a titillating tutorial provided by your gf.

Brownie Task Watch yet another chick flick with her. (20 points)

Be spontaneous.

Jump her in a dark alleyway, wait, don’t. Surprises can take many forms. Attend that yoga class she’s always going on about, but keep your sign up a secret and just grab the mat next to hers. It just may lead to the best foreplay you’ll ever experience.

Brownie Task: Pick up some flowers on your way back from work. (20 points)

7. Masseur Master.

Every woman likes a “hands-on” kind of man, literally! Give her a massage to help her unwind after a long day. See our detailed how-to here: How to give your lady an amazing massage

Brownie Task: Give her an amazing massage. (20 points)

8. Write a letter.

Screw social media; profess your love the old fashioned way. Whether she lives around the block or across the country, you can’t go wrong. A love letter is tons more fun to receive than a bunch of bills.

Brownie Task: Write her a hand-written letter with real emotions in it. (35 points)

9. Hold her hand.

Intertwined fingers denote an intimate bond, or a cold night. Cupped hand holding is reserved for pre-schoolers crossing a big intersection.

Brownie Task: Give her hand a gentle squeeze or run your thumb along hers to signal that you’re into her. (4 points)

10. Be debonair.

Offer her your jacket if she’s cold. Or, walk up and ring her doorbell when picking her up for a date, instead of honking your horn (hiding a flower behind your back wouldn’t kill you).

Brownie Task: Open the car door for her. (5 points)

11. Surprise her.

Whether you show up at her work in time to take her to lunch or you bring home something she likes (DVD, take-out, etc.), she’ll be thankful that you thought of her.

Brownie Task: Made lunch and brought it to her at work. (60 points – you can do it ;)

12. Shrug it off.

Don’t let the little stuff get you down. She wants a man who can take everything in stride; an emotionally strong chap she can build a future with. Shrug it off, then hug it off, you never know what might come off next.

Brownie Task: Just say, “Yes Dear”. (4 points)

While all these steps will ensure your relationship’s longevity, you don’t want to be an overbearing boyfriend. You’re her partner, not a parent. Give her space to be the independent woman you know and love.