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Girls: sexy photo taking 101 for your Boyfriend

Every single guy who is interested in you will want a sexy photo, whether he asks for it or not, so here’s what you need to do to send him exactly what he wants while making yourself look your absolute best.

Step 1: surprise him

Naked photos are always better when they’re a surprise. If he has to ask you for one, it adds pressure and builds expectations. Avoid all that hassle and, just snap a few photos one night when you ‘re feeling extra sexy.

Step 2: the half twist

You can easily turn any awkward photo into a sexy one with a slight hip angle. Make sure your body isn’t straight towards the camera, giving more of a side profile not only makes you look skinner but it makes everything look better ;)

Step 3: don’t suck in

It’s tempting to suck in to make yourself look skinnier, but don’t! No guy wants to see your ribs, and it just looks tacky. Instead, contract your abs and breathe in. Your stomach will flatten and your chest will be filled with air attracting get extra attention and distracting from your belly.

Step 4: angle the camera

The perfect photos always comes from some angles, whether it’s from above showing off your cleavage, below if it’s a full body shot, or from the side if it’s a selfie. Work the angles with the half twist and you’ve got one sick picture.

Step 5: baby steps

If you’re sending out photos to your man for the first time, keep as much clothes on as possible. A sexy bra and panties shot is way more enticing then a topless thong shot to start off with. Then the closer you become, the riskier the photos can be.

Bonus step: the next level

Trying to snap the perfect photo that’s both flattering and seductive is hard when you’re holding the camera yourself. Consider getting a friend or professional to take some really sexy, ultra classy, photos of you in lingerie as a gift for your partner. Don’t frame them for him, but put them in a secret book he can hide away in his drawer for those times he’s missing you most.