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Picking the perfect panties

This week’s post comes from our friends at Panty by Post.

A perfect gift to your woman can make your week a heck of a lot better, but choosing that gift can be a challenge. MakeyourGirlfriendHappy.com is working hard to solve that problem and we will have some exciting news in a couple weeks. In the meantime, we thought we would share a few tips to help you buy the perfect pair of panties for your beautiful woman, it’s not rocket science, but it helps.

Five tips to help you find the perfect pair

  1. Don’t skimp on cost, lingerie can be very, very expensive and very cheap – the range is actually impressive. Cheap underwear might look good on the store rack, but look entirely different on your rack at home. You don’t need to go crazy, but don’t be cheap (expect 80$ minimum dollars for a nice top and bottom).
  2. Colours: don’t reinvent the wheel, choose colours she already wears. So keep your eyes glued to her when she is walking around in her underwear or strutting down the catwalk, we know, hard assignment.
  3. Dig into her drawers, ignore the voodoo dolls and ex-boyfriend pictures, and pull out a pair she wears often. Her body may have changed over time, for the better of course, and so be sure you get her current size.
  4. Surprise her for no good reason! The supermodels at our Montréal global headquarters assure us that lingerie will make her and by extension, you, very, very happy.
  5. Add a small, hand-written note to the bag, nothing crazy, short and sweet like “I love you and you’re sexier then ever!”

You can even have panties delivered every month from our friends at Panty by Post.

Check out this amazing video of Lingerie at work (NSFW).