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How to discreetly use a Groupon or Living Social Voucher on a date

You want to treat your lady right, but you aren’t rolling in dough and therein lies the rub. So how do you impress her on that pittance you call a salary?

In comes Groupon, Living Social, or an equivalent discount website. For the uninitiated, these sites offer a deal a day (usually 50-70% off regular price) and you’ve got a 24 hour window to buy a voucher, which is itself usually valid for one year. Since the deals are often for restaurants, massages, spas or boutiques, it’s a great way to get your lady a present without breaking the bank.

Of course, that said, who wants to pull out a coupon when paying the bill?

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In this case, “ignorance is bliss”, so here’s how to keep it undercover.

Prepay everything

Prepaying for everything is your easiest option. If you bought a massage or spa voucher, you should be able to pre-pay for her entire treatment. Have her set the appointment (or go with her!) and then call to make sure you can pay up-front. Then, just pop by the place to settle the difference. If you’ve got a little extra in your pocket, leave a healthy tip to guarantee your girlfriend gets that extra-special treatment.

Restaurants & Bars are trickier

If you’re lucky, she might go to the washroom during or after the meal, in which case you’re golden. But if she stays put, you can always be discreet about sliding the voucher into the pay sleeve with your credit card.

If sleight of hand isn’t your forte, you can also pretend that there’s something amiss with the bill and go to the cash to “negotiate” and pay.

The biggest risk you take here is that she might actually be receiving the same daily Groupons as you and if that’s the case, the key is to buy the voucher now and wait a couple of months to use it. Keep the purchase quiet for a while and she’ll hopefully forget about the deal, meaning that you get to look slightly more affluent and she’ll be that much more impressed.