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Weekly relationship hints to help you make your girlfriend or wife ridiculously happy.


Lessons learned on how to make your girlfriend happy

Last week, we hit the streets to do field research on what guys do wrong, and (occasionally) right. Our hilarious videos will appear in October, but here is an executive summary of our findings.

Lesson 1: No bloody roses

Believe it or not, our unscientific poll found that girls do NOT like roses. Roses say you don’t consider her unique. Think about it this way, do all guys enjoy receiving a case of beer wrapped in maxim magazines? Girls find roses, especially red ones, cheesy, predictable, overdone and impersonal. Most women would rather receive an orchid or some other endangered species. Show her you care, getting her something that reflects your desire to get her naked.

Black orchid showing its hidden gem.

Lesson 2: Customize that shit

As a man, the more obscure, idiosyncratic you can be, the more into you she’ll dig you. She’ll think you’re loving the real, unique, complicated and rare princess she is; again, think rare and special – like a snowflake. Be original, be creative, be different – “see John Cleese on creativity.”

Lesson 3: Back it up good

Women, much like enraged Rottweilers, need space – stay too close for too long and they bite back. By far, the number one romance killer is too much attention! Despite its “counterintuivness”, if you are too much in her face, she will soon be licking another man’s mug.

Why do girls prefer the jerk to the nice guy? A coincidental side effect of being a douchebag is that you are emotionally uninvested in your girlfriends, jerks give women more space and more time left alone to desire what’s missing, so the myth gets perpetuated.

Remember: fantasies only happen in the absence of someone.

To really understand how girls think on a more regular basis, or rather how guys think girls think, take a look at this hilarious vide:

And the rebuttal