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h1.Turkey Day Survival Guide

Whether you’re bringing your girlfriend home or heading to her parents’ place, here’s how to avoid being a turkey this weekend:

If you’re visiting her humble abode, follow these simple rules:

  • Be polite! – Say “Please,” “Thank you” and all those other magic words your mom drilled into you as child (that’s right, it wasn’t all for nothing).
  • Offer to help – Cut the turkey, set the table, clear the dishes and lend a hand in the kitchen.
  • Be respectful – Don’t sit at the head of the table, serve her parents first and bring a decent bottle of wine (a classic chardonnay if they like white or pinot noir if they prefer red).

Follow our advice to avoid ending up in a situation like this

If you’re bringing your lovely girlfriend home, heed the following advice:

  • Prep her – Give her the low-down on your folks and let her know if you have any skeletons in your family closet that she should avoid discussing. (If you have any family members like Bilo and Borat, she deserves a heads-up.)
  • Offer clues – When you see your parents’ stress levels climbing, suggest ways you can help reduce the pressure together.
  • Keep her in the loop – Make sure she feels included and be sure to offer words of encouragement (such as “My mom thinks you’re great” and “My sister said she wants to raid your closet”).

And if you really want to impress your guest/friends/family, why not pluck your own turkey and carve that bird up expert-style?

It’s not rocket science: A little bit of extra thought and effort will make this crazy long weekend that much more enjoyable for you both. And if you play it right, maybe she’ll give you a TSA-style pat down in return.