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Millions of girlfriends suffer needlessly every day

Though they might seem happy on the outside, millions of wonderful women around the world are slogging their way through some truly mediocre relationships. You can help.

A suffering girlfriend in the 1930s dustbowl.

Think about it for a second: When was the last time she had a romantic dinner prepared for her? How about the last time she was taken on a weekend getaway, or given a surprise gift for no reason at all? For far too long, some truly amazing women have been living in truly banal coupledom – no massages, endless microwave dinners on Friday nights and worn-out lingerie that depresses more than it titillates. This must end! After all, these women could be future mothers, the makers of history, or even leaders of the world! They deserve more.

Our team at Make your Girlfriend Happy wakes up every day with one simple mission: to make the world’s girlfriends (and wives) happy. Now, not everyone can devote their lives to such a cause, but every single person has a role to play in making relationships better and more romantic. The impact of our work and the significance of your help are already being felt around the world. From the curry-scented kitchens of Bangalore to the strip-malls of Kansas, women are writing in to thank us for everything we’ve done. But we want to do more! And now, you can help us help them.

Jennifer from Boston recently told us,

“The last time someone gave me flowers was prom night! But since my boyfriend started using the site, I’ve finally started getting the attention I deserve. It’ll take time for the sting of neglect to wear off- possibly years -but we’re definitely on the right path.”

Stephanie from Texas wrote to us,

The Brownie points have changed everything! Now he has no excuse not to pull his own weight in this relationship. I’m looking forward to creating our own custom goals. Tell me, can he start at -500 points?"

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Don’t forget, women can initiate the revolution by signing up here or men can actually take the lead, like they used to. We’re here to help, if you have questions contact us. For every woman you help today, Make your Girlfriend Happy donates 10% all revenue to girls education in the third world through the fantastic organisation of Free the Children