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Learn to love her imperfections, or you might go crazy.

It`s true that no one is perfect, but someone can be perfect for you, and the aim is to fine someone who you love despite their imperfections. There are key things you need in a relationship: love, trust, honesty, respect, teamwork, compromise, similar goals for the future, and time to commit to each other. If you have all these things, it won`t matter that she bites her nails or snores in her sleep. But there are some things that make it really hard to come to terms with, even if you love them. Here`s how to deal with some of the major girlfriend imperfections


If you’re stubborn and she’s stubborn, well that can be a problem. It’s not good to let her push you around, but you don’t want your relationship to be a constant competition. In this case, try to avoid all unnecessary confrontation. Don`t bicker about what actor played who in the movie you just saw, and don`t try to force her into a situation she isn`t comfortable with. But make sure that she does the same. If she`s always trying to be right, or she isn’t flexible when it comes to making plans, then you have to have a serious talk about compromise, because that`s a bigger issue.


Tons of people are disorganized and have issues with time management, but this is one of the prime cases of just having to accept a person for the way they are. If your girlfriend always takes an hour to get ready because everything is misplaced and she can`t find the outfit she wants, you can try to help her organize her closet one day, but understand that there is no real solution. You`ll probably have to deal with her losing her cell phone and frantically searching the house on a regular basis, and you have to be okay with that. If it`s an issue, tell her and try to work something out, but you can`t decide years into a relationship to yell at her for something she`s been doing from the start. Either it`s a problem or it`s not. Make your feelings clear.


Girls like to gossip, but this isn`t really a problem unless it brings out a negative side in your lady. If she`s constantly making snide remarks about others, then it should make you question what she`s saying about you and your friends. A Judgemental girl is hard to handle, but sometimes her remarks are a harmless form of release, like swearing when you stub your toe. If it makes you uncomfortable, say it, and if she doesn’t back down, it`s a sign she has self esteem or anger issues. Do what you can to work through them together, but if she can’t change and you can’t accept it, you`ll have to walk away.

Opposing personalities

It`s very common for a couple to get together who have very little in common, because opposites attract, but when your girl wants to go out every night and you want to stay in, it creates tension. You don`t have to like everything your girlfriend does, but if you feel as if you`re always on two different pages, ask yourself if you`ll be happy compromising, or if you`d be happier finding someone who shares more of your interests.

The bottom line is, if you love someone, you love their imperfections and can joke about them. However if some of their habits are getting on your nerves, ask yourself why. Do you blame her for her faults? If that`s the case, there`s a lack of respect and that needs to be worked on. But if you blame yourself, you need to express your feelings and concerns with her. If she`s perfect for you, then a few minor fights or bad days won`t be enough to make you question your stability. You can`t learn to love her imperfections, but you can learn through her imperfections if you love her.