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The Secret to Fool Proof Gift Giving

It seems like there`s always some sort of holiday to buy for, whether it`s Valentine`s day, her birthday, your anniversary, or Christmas, you need to think of at least four original and thoughtful gifts a year to show that you love her. Sheesh! The deeper into a relationship you get, the harder it seems to buy gifts since you`ve done it all in the past. Here are the basics of fool proof gift giving, so you can avoid stressing out for months and swinging by the gas station five minutes before your date to pick something up.

Give her your time

If you`ve scoured the shops and pestered all her friends, and still can`t find anything to give her for the upcoming gift exchange, plan an event instead. Take her out to a nice restaurant and plan an exciting date. If she likes animals, take her to the zoo, if she loves the slot machines take her to the casino, and you can never go wrong with a spa date. Just make sure you have something planned. You don`t want to look like you forgot the gift and just slapped something together under pressure, so wrapping up a piece of paper with the plans for your date is a great way of showing her you really thought it through.

Make it personal

Even if you find the perfect gift, something she`s been eyeing in the jewelry store for ages, don`t forget to make the gift personal in some little way. Getting a piece of jewelry engraved is the ultimate romantic gesture, but if you bought her something less romantic, say a season of her favorite TV show, attach a card and tell her how excited you are to snuggle up next to her on the couch and watch the show together.

Look and Listen

Your girl drops hints all the time about what she likes and what she wants, you just have to pay attention. Take her shopping and see what she looks at most, and buy whatever she likes a few days later on your own. Or, get her a gift to remind her of an inside joke you both share. If she calls you monkey, get her a monkey teddy, or if she always jokes about how lame whale watching is, book a whale watching tour and make it fun.

Make a List

Make a note of every potential gift, whether it`s her favorite wine, a note that her watch just broke, or that she`s a fan of fried banana crepes. Once you`re stumped, you can look back to the list of all the secret observations you`ve made and put together something great. Don’t forget her secret wishes in her online profile on Make your Girlfriend Happy, both of you can keep that list up to date for the next gift giving opportunity.

Surprise her

Even if you and your girlfriend talk about her gift before hand, which is sometimes the case with vacations that require taking off work, make sure that you don`t take all the surprise out of it. The worst thing you can do is tell your partner where you`re taking her, then dump all the planning on her. Even if you`re not sure what she`d like to do, talk it through and do all the booking and finalizing yourself. Take all the stress away from her, and try and keep some elements a surprise.

It`s impossible to say what the best gift for your girl is, but something heartfelt is always the way to go. Giving a framed photo of the two of you or writing her a song or poem is always a big win. Just think it through, and before you know it your guy friends will be asking you for gift giving advice.