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Deal with your Pride

PRIDE is defined as “an unreasonable and inordinate self-esteem”, so before we even begin, un-pop your collar. Or, if you’re reading this outside on a day just bordering on warm, put your shirt back on because you’re not doing the world the favour you think you are. Confidence is always great and is one of the most attractive qualities a man or woman can have, but it’s a line that’s pretty easy to cross.

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Most of the time, women have more hair to think about and a more complicated outfit to coordinate. From makeup to stockings to a misplaced tube of lipstick, she has more work than you. If you take anywhere near as much time as her to clean up, you could be overdoing it. Remember, just a shave and a beer.

You’ve been lost for days, but cannot bear to ask for directions. Just stop and ask.
You’ve gotten in a fight and after a couple hours of reflection, you realise you were probably in the wrong or at least partially to blame, but you refuse to apologise because, come on, who does that? That’s pride, too. See our Apology Letter Generator here.


1. Dress down.

Remember how your better half wakes up looking beautiful with tousled hair and no makeup on? There are two reasons for that: one, because she looks beautiful, and, two, because going natural showcases that extremely-attractive confidence we mentioned earlier. When you’re a little less polished, you seem more relaxed, comfortable with yourself and you can show off your charisma rather than your $200 t-shirt. Try going out for an afternoon, but dress down.

2. Ask for help.

Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness: it shows you know your limits. Companies have employees not because the founder or the CEO is too lazy to work on an assembly line, but because it takes a lot of cogs to get the big wheel turning. If you’re trying to accomplish a goal, there’s no shame in getting some assistance.

3. Right can be wrong

Being right ain’t always right. Even when you’re right, you can still be wrong if you:

  • can’t be civil about it or,
  • you fail to deal with the bad feelings that started the fight rather than the petty issue you actually argued over.

Sometimes, it pays to put things aside and try to see the forest—not just the trees. Of course, if you’re in the wrong, learn to swallow your pride, look her in the eye and tell her you’re sorry. Not only are there rewards that come with making up, but you’ll find that you feel a heck of a lot better than you do when you’re just stewing over your latest spat.