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Cheap Dates and Gifts ideas for Valentine’s day

It’s that time of the year when you have to celebrate your girlfriend’s beauty and intelligence, which you should do more often, by the way! Even if your lucky lady says Valentine’s day is a hallmark holiday, you should probably play it safe.

Here are a few simple ideas to ensure this valentine’s day goes smoothly.

A card!

To show your loved one how much you care, why not send a romantic valentine’s day card from Etsy or pick one up at a local store? Be sure to add a personal touch and write something heartfelt that will make her smile and tear up. A well written card is worth its weight in gold.

Eat outside

Short on time and long on cash? Find a local restaurant to take her on a night out, but be certain to add a surprise such as a card (see above) or a walk to a jazz bar where you can bust out your jazz flute skills.

Sometimes, listening to your girlfriend make things easier (crazy!). Has she ever told you about a restaurant she would love to try? You can make it happen!

Or, surprise her with a meal at home

Make dinner for just the two of you! Set up the table and turn your place into a mini restaurant. Don’t forget the candles (at the dollar store)!

For recipes ideas, simply go to All recipes or simply ask your mom for a fullproof recipe. We suggest you try and make the meal once before Valentine’s day, just to be on the safe side.

The recipe can be simple, it’s the effort that counts.

Combine all three ideas above and you’re golden!

What do the women say?

Our scientific Twitter study confirmed all of our ideas, see below.

What will be the ideal gift/date for Valentine’s day?

@Selasie_Afie A good gift would just be a sincere telling of their feelings or showing of affection. Small gestures. A homemade card. A letter. A date, idk (i don’t know) something thoughtful and romantic. Something/somewhere specifically meaningful to me or both of us.

If that’s too non-consumerish/not what you’re looking(suspect this is for business) flowers and a candlelight dinner work too :D

@Titine_237 I’d say TIME!! Just spending some quality time with my lover. Memories are way more precious than material things!!
@BarnesPemen simple yet original gifts. An engraved necklace or bracelet with kind words. Words are powerful…. affordability and uniqueness are key factors to consider. A GIFT ought to be chosen based on the other partner’s taste.