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Great birthday date ideas for your girlfriend or wife

Her special day is coming up, and thanks to us, finding the perfect gift will be a cinch. Now it’s time to plan an activity that will make her birthday truly unforgettable.

Make her queen for the day. Give her the royal treatment with a hot homemade breakfast. If you know your way around a kitchen, cook up the works: waffles, eggs, fruit, coffee. If you’re the pot-clanking type, pick up some freshly squeezed OJ and croissants from her favourite bakery and deliver it straight to her bed. Gently wake her with a kiss (the Snow White effect is rather charming), and whisper, “Today, your wish is my command.” If that means spending the day at the mall, then so be it, Prince Charming.

Plan a picnic. Head to the nearest park with a blanket and a basket filled with her favourite treats. It’s winter, you say? Pick a quiet spot at your place and spread out there (your living room should do the trick). Whether you’re outside under the sun or getting cozy by the fire indoors, this classic date is the perfect way to turn up the heat.

Head outdoors. Looking for a way to make her melt? Ice skating is it. (Trust us, she’s daydreamed about being that adorable couple on skates, just like in the movies.) End the date with some hot chocolate and you’ll be golden. Alternatively, in the warmer months, you can dust off those rollerblades and glide along your local scenic path. Or, give her the cutest couple-y photo op imaginable and rent a tandem bike.

Go racing/riding. Now, don’t get too excited. Go-karting is for girls who like speed and a little friendly competition. If you know for the record that your girl ain’t down with the kart, do not (we repeat: do not) take her to the track. She may appreciate horseback riding, though. Smelly stables aside, this one has “prince” written all over it.

Try swinging. No, we’re not talking about partner swapping (unless that’s what you’re both into, and that’s totally your business). If your girl is feeling a little blue about turning another year older, give her the chance to embrace her inner child. Take her to a park for an old-fashioned play date on the swings. Add a trip to an ice-cream shop or bring some candy along for added effect.

Shake things up. Surprise her with a salsa-dancing class or an evening of sultry tango. Even if you’ve got two left feet, she’ll be beyond floored by your willingness to try something new.

Whatever you decide to do, remember: It’s all about making her feel special. No need to spend a ton of money or go over the top when a little effort and some quality time are all you need to make it her happiest birthday yet. In other words, spoil her with your attention, and before you know it you’ll both be in your birthday suits.