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Beauty Products – What’s the deal?

We try to help you pick the perfect gift, but you know her far better than we do. We have a lot of different products on the website, but they’re mostly things you can figure out on your own. From clothing, shoes to lingerie, you know what makes your girlfriend look good. When it’s jewellery, you know what you want to say with gold or diamonds. But, a lot of men hit a roadblock at beauty products. It suddenly feels like a great big mystery just to pick one out of the pile. To help you out, we’ve picked four products from our “Beauty” category that you can count on to make your girlfriend happy!

If you ever forget what beauty products can do, take a look at this video.

The good Karma Gift Set from Lush

What is it? The Good Karma Gift Set is a kit of grapefruit, orange and lemongrass-scented products. It’s got Happy Hippy, a shower gel, and the orange, smiley-face-shaped Karma soap.

Why she’ll love it: Perfumes and scents like this work with the body’s natural pheromones to create the smell you get when you’re up-close and personal and LUSH’s Karma formula brings that to another level, reacting with the body’s oils and releasing a unique aroma depending on who’s wearing it and what their chemistry is that day.

It’s a new experience every time.

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Juara’s Bath and Body Ritual

What is it? This is a tea-based pair consisting of bath gel and body milk. According to them, it’s reminiscent of the rolling hills of Indonesia, but since we’re not really familiar with those, we’re just going to tell you it smells fantastic.

Why she’ll love it: Beyond the fact that it doesn’t get any trendier than tea right now, the exotic scent is a winner for any girl who likes to take a walk (or bath) on the wild side. Plus, what better than a bath and body gift to get you an invite for the bathing portion? And if you’re real lucky, she might ask you to help her put on some of that body milk.

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Camille Beckman’s “Cream with your tea” French Vanilla"

What is it? A tube of Camille Beckman’s French Vanilla hand therapy tucked inside a fine bone china mug (made in England, no less!) and a pack of no less than 18 sachets of Bigelow tea.

Why she’ll love it: You’ve gotten your girlfriend some great hand lotion and she’s going to be appreciative, but throw in some fine china and tea and you’ve got a gifting double-whammy that’s sure to impress. She gets soft skin, a great French vanilla scent and a tea set and you get to look like a veritable Mr. Darcy with a quintessentially English tea-and-roses romance.

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