Hints from the team

Weekly relationship hints to help you make your girlfriend or wife ridiculously happy.


Be a nice boy… again

A few weeks ago, we sent you a few simple tasks sure to make your girlfriend happy. Now, since you’ve obviously already completed all of those, we thought we’d send you a couple more. So here are some very easy (though slightly loftier), tasks that’ll keep your better half smiling.

Brownie points

Click here to collect points once you have completed these tasks.

  • Cleaned my apartment before she came over (30 points)
  • Ran an errand for her (15 points)
  • Gave her an amazing compliment (10 points)
  • Made lunch and brought it to her at work (60 points)
  • Took her on that weekend getaway she was dreaming of (200 points)

They say you can’t buy love – and they’re right – but presents sure don’t hurt! Take quick look at our staff picks to find an easy gift that is sure to please her.

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