Hints from the team

Weekly relationship hints to help you make your girlfriend or wife ridiculously happy.


Be a nice boy

A big part of making your girlfriend happy is being consistent. Whether it’s always being on time or never forgetting her birthday, consistency creates trust and trust, as we all know, creates a healthy relationship.

That said, breaking your routine isn’t a bad idea either—when you’re finding new ways to surprise her, that is. So in the interest of adding a dash of spice, here are a few suggestions for some simple tasks that’ll catch her off-guard in the very best way.

Brownie points

Click here to collect points once you have completed these tasks.

  • Surprised her at work for lunch (40 points)
  • Got up and made breakfast for her (25 points)
  • Bought her some flowers (20 points)
  • Gave her a great massage (20 points)
  • Got up and made coffee for her (15 points)

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