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Let’s Talk About Sex

Or not.

There comes a time in every relationship when the two parties involved may want to discuss their sexual past. My question is, is this a good idea? And if so, what are the rules that each person should follow?

Here’s a hint fellas, if you’re still relatively new in the relationship, don’t go there. Also, don’t be the one to bring it up. There is no turn-off worse than a guy who talks about how he and his ex loved to do it in public places because of the rush from maybe getting caught. (Yes, been there.) No one cares buddy. This isn’t what she means when she says she wants to “get to know” you.

If, however, your girlfriend asks if you have tried certain things, it could be very liberating (and sexually satisfying) to share your experiences. Chances are she’s trying to understand what your sexual fantasies and limits are, and if you play your cards right, she may be willing to try a few things. This is very touchy stuff though, so I’ve provided you with a list of things to avoid at all costs.

Never name the ex
It’s ok to say you’ve tried something, but telling her who it was with will only give her a visual that she really doesn’t need.

Don’t say how amazing it was
It’s okay to say that you’ve tried something and you wouldn’t mind doing it again, but stop right there. Telling her about this one time that it was super hot and steamy with some other girl is not going to work in your favor. Tell her that you still think about it sometimes and you may as well pack your bags and leave. Good boyfriends know when to shut-up.

Don’t go into details
Okay, so you’ve tried a position and you mention it to her. That’s fine. But does she really need to know that it was after you ate a Mexican meal, or that the girl you were with had super soft legs or really small breasts? Of course not. I repeat what I said above.

For an added bonus, you can always tell her that your sexual fantasies always involve her. It should be obvious, but we like to be reminded.

Written By: Snow White