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Lust, a deadly, but fun, sin.

In our continuing series on the 7 deadly sins, we present Lust. Read our piece on Sloth here and Envy, Pride, and Greed

LUST is defined as "a craving for sexual intimacy, sometimes to the point of assuming a self-indulgent character". The first part sounds like a party, yes, but it's the second part that's the real sin in a relationship—whether you have too much or not enough of it!


You’re a regular Casanova. Is there such thing as too much sex in a relationship? Usually, the answer is an emphatic "NO!", but if you've started slacking in other areas or forgetting to add a romantic touch, then you might want to start readjusting your priorities and put some of the seduction back into the equation. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing that flame when the relationship cools.

Your nearing an ascetic monk. Are things slowing down in the bedroom? Have you become one of those couples who ends every night in bed with a good book and a chaste kiss on the cheek? Well, as proud as we are to hear that you're both reading, maybe it's time to spice things up.


  1. The musician Sting famously once declared that he and his wife enjoyed 6-hour sex sessions as a result of his devotion to the study of tantra, which explains why Sting fans are still recognizable as the both the sweatiest and most exhausted people in the world. Unfortunately, that might also be because they didn't read Sting's clarification of his statements, when he dashed many a hope by adding: "Yes, you can have sex for six hours, but it includes dinner, a movie and maybe a lot of begging!" Now, that leads us to the fact that, fun as it might be, sex is part of the bigger romantic picture and you should keep that in mind. But hey, courtship and foreplay can be a lot of fun, too, and definitely has its rewards.

Brownie Points Task:

Didn't complain when she just wanted to cuddle.

Feeling Generous?

Chocolate! The Aztecs used chocolate as an aphrodisiac and we think they were definitely on to something.

Flowers! Flowers are a great old stand-by and have been for centuries. There's something about the beauty, the smell and the gesture that just screams romance.

Smell nice! Like flowers, perfume offers something for the olfactory lobe and there's a proven link between sex and sensual response.

2) What if you're on the other side of things, though, and you're looking to spice things up in the bedroom itself?  We've got an exceptionally good(-looking) answer to that question, too. First of all, a change of attire might help both of you: ask her what she wants to see and maybe you can pick her up a little something, too.

Go crazy, get her some sexy Lingerie for her to show off (to you).

Brownie Point Task:

Surprised her with some undercover work in bed.

You can also take to new toys and games, throw in some role-playing, find some new venues, so to speak, or take a hint from the Lotharios we're creating up there and give some of these aphrodisiacs a try in your next meal: Chocolate, Honey, Almond, Strawberries, Vanilla, Ginger, Pineapple, Aniseed or Basil!