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Guy style. 5 Things Not to Wear in the Presence of Your Girlfriend, Ever.

1. Anything with a stain

We don’t care if it’s your favourite button down, if there’s a spaghetti stain on the belly (even a small one) it’s no longer an option. And yes, she will notice. Negative 10 points for pit stains because that’s just gross.

2. That sweater your Ex gave you
You don’t think it matters, but it does. Even if you love the way it fits, get that thing to Salvation Army, STAT. Your girlfriend has better taste than your ex anyways.

3. Boxers from 1996
Those shapeless, faded underpants with negative zero elastic left are strictly forbidden. You should probably take a little computer break right now and toss those babies. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

4. Work out attire- post workout
She wants you to work out, feel good, be healthy etc. But she does not want to have to smell the aftermath for an entire day. You’re not that busy. Take a proper shower and ditch the workout gear before you swoop in on your lady.

5. Ironic graphic tee
Anything including anything with an arrow that points to anything. These obnoxious tees are fine for her little brother, but not her boyfriend. Trust us on this.

written by Fionna