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5 More Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

At first we thought 10 great date ideas would cut it, but once we got the brainstorm machine fired up there was no way we could power down. Here are five more ways to show your lady some love this Valentine’s Day:

Hitch a carriage ride. This is a chance to experience your city like never before. Take the scenic route while you keep her cozy in the coach with a warm blanket and a thermosful of hot chocolate.

Laugh the night away. Girls love guys with a sense of humour, so take her to a comedy club and show her a giggle-filled good time. If you’re feeling extra-confident, grab a seat by the front and take the comic’s taunts in stride. (Girls love a good sport, too.)

Bowl her over (with your awesomeness). Apart from having to wear a pair of stinky shoes, this has the makings of a fine date. Bowling alleys are all about theme nights, so you can be sure yours will feature plenty of lovey-dovey decor and a romantic soundtrack to set the mood. Plus, a little competition can be a great way to heat things up, but just make sure to keep it friendly—no pouting or gloating allowed.

Treat her to a lovely lunch. Surprise her with a romantic midday date. This will set the mood early on, so you’ll both be warmed up and ready to go later that night, when you break out the massage oil (by the way, pick up massage oil) and climb into a bubble bath (pick up some sweet-smelling suds while you’re at it, too).

Get cabin fever. Rent a cabin in the woods and (dare we suggest?) unplug. The lack of buzzing and blinking distractions will allow you to focus on each other and appreciate the natural wonders right outside your door. Wake up early and watch the sunrise. Snuggle up beside the fire. With your electronic devices turned off, you two are guaranteed to turn it on.

The good news is you don’t have to spend your savings to make her happy this Valentine’s Day. More than anything else, she wants you to make an effort and show that you care, which is why a well-planned date and a paper heart with the words “Be Mine” will melt her heart faster than any piece of bling ever could.

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