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Weekly relationship hints to help you make your girlfriend or wife ridiculously happy.


Our Valentine’s day poem contest

We had a number of great entries, but based on our stringent rules, one stood out above the rest. Congratulations to Jonmichael and his girlfriend!

Once While Looking Out My Window

Jonmichael Goodhue

Once, while looking out my window I did see,
A blossomed spectacle shinning with divinity.
It waved in the breeze and called to me,
Unlocking my heart like it had the key.
Toward it I came nary did I procrastinate,
I gazed upon it wondering who could create,
This thing that my affections will be poured,
Kin to water flowing from a gourd.
I caressed it stem as if caressing the ankle of Aphrodite,
Then moved up to cup its blossom in expert dexterity.
I held it in my hand its pedals soft and smooth.
I smiled as its feeling in my hand did soothe,
Dew upon the pedals as blue as Poseidon,
Like gems upon the skin of a maiden.
I looked to the rose as it did bloom,
And from inside did unwomb,
A woman with body of Ke$ha and hair of corn silk,
She was the nymph of the rose her skin like milk.
She came close to me and caressed my cheek,
I knew she was the woman I did seek.
So as the orange sun set against the sky,
I knew we wouldn’t ever say goodbye.
And no one will take it from me that’s what I say!
Not even the dreaded TSA.

Some of the Runner-ups

A Great Teacher

Mark Arvin Romero

There was a girl who taught me a lot…
She taught me how to smile,
She taught me how to cry,
She taught me how to get mad and
taught me how to be sad.

That girl also taught me how to
Appreciate all the things I have.
Glad to say, she taught me how to
improved my self as a worthy living person.
And taught me how to get closer to God.
For us to be able to continue what we have.

That girl now turns to a lady…..

And now, that lady continue teaching
me to be happy and happy and happy.
Every time we’re together, she always
thought how she really loves me…

She taught me to convert an ordinary day
to a very extra-ordinary day.
She taught me how to lock my smile,
and continue smiling, smiling and smiling.
She taught me to be crazy,
smiling even im the only person inside the room.

She is not a teacher, but she was able
to do those things.

Am I a fast learner or I only had a great teacher?

Before anything else, I would like to reveal
Whose great teacher I am referring.

She is Glezel Buscar Marquez.

The One….who own…..my heart.

Valentine Ray

Yaseen Anwer

Take me to your valley
So I can play
Between florets of you
Under soft valentine ray.

Gentle Breeze

Yaseen Anwer

“O” you gentle breeze
Carry my fragrance
And exchange, where it
Starts to disappear.

 Hold the Moment

Yaseen Anwer

Let me hold you
Just once
And hold the moment
For forever.

h2. More of You

Yaseen Anwer

Where ever I go
What ever I do
I carry little of me
And more of you.

Pull me Close

Yaseen Anwer

Pull me close, tightly
Much closer to you
You feel me, and
let very same I do.

h2. Silent Wishes

Yaseen Anwer

In my silent wishes
I look for contents
Contents that pronounces
Your silent wishes.

 Let’s Live

Yaseen Anwer

Here when you are with me
How colorful surrounding appears
What a peace i find is applied to this layer
Let’s live here together
Let’s live here forever.


Omar Wright

eloquent whispers, slowly pullin’ down the zipper,
tripper like jack around this dame, lippin’ lame,
medieval-class game, my princess clutch me tight
in the rain, windows fogged, we be at it again,
chillin in a comfortable lane, a sluggish vein,
concrete, speed limit obsolete but cops i deek,
we meek babe so the earth we will inherit,
trust me you got the merits, you like ambrosia,
i’m fearless, forbidden fruit, but the sky dressed in soot,
moon gave the sun the boot and didn’t even pay it loot,
cruel but fair, that’s life my dear
and that’s in a nutshell, wrapped in kush i sear
is the meaning, bitter like beer, sweet like drops,
frame vibratin, and we didn’t touch the locks,
or close no doors, as for moanin’ there’s scores,
neck kissin, dirty lore inside your ears and you want more,
decadent an’ sore, my goddess and so much more,
i love you to the core like samson,
topplin’ gaza, you can hear my roar,
the score’s unfair, you got me beat,
knocked out, head over heels, bowing at your feet,
i guess i could use the sleep,
but i’m fine, long as i’m with my eleven,
you beat all the dimes, have them slippin’ and wishin’ for time,
girl if you weren’t mine i would simply perish,
just the thought is scary,
cause loss is like a bullet i can’t dodge or parry,
so i’ma keep the vocals submerged like barry,
remain live like larry king,
so that one day on your finger,
i can place this diamond ring

Lonely Heart

Robert Welker

Lonely Heart
A lonely heart has no cause til it finds where it belongs.
A lifetime it may spend Searching for the perfect friend.
Until I met you that lonely heart was mine,but approaching you would
take time. At first you seemed a distant dream.
To have you by my side is sweeter than it may seem.
For you my love would know no bound. In you a perfect friend my heart
has found.Like a budding rose longing for the sun,
the way I feel for you can never be undone.I know in your heart there
is pain From a past love leaving in vain. An eternity I would take to
prove that from your side I shall never move.
For that chance I shall wait.
To show you no love is ever too late.
But remember on thing you must. . .
A lonely heart has no cause
Til it finds where it belongs.
In you a cause I know I see
Because with you is the only place my heart longs to be.


Omar Wright

love don’t last, i met this lady in my summer school class,
fine figure, slender, like how do i win her,
back then you was cute, but never thought you was vacant,
forgot if you were rockin boots back when kaytlen introduced,
i was like oof, had to call a truce,
white flag, surrender to yo beauty,
cause to resist there’s no use, i was arrested,
indicted, and never corrected,
up against the wall, deep in fall like the 19th of september,
i remember the embers we shared after the first kiss,
was like what is this? revival an salvation,
an angel in the form of a female,
but she had some satans, difficult to face em,
so close yo eyes like grace, in my embrace you will wake,
and this smile when you bless my vision i just cant fake,
i know i’m blessed,
ain’t no guess like clothing,
keep that lovin fresh, loaves in the stove till like,
six in the morning,
adorning you with whispers an licks,
settin fire to springs like napalm thatll never be extinguished,
my queen, my lioness, my cleopatra,
i’m like a gladiator, shook n tense,
hopin i got what it takes to masta,
do i deserve it? i keep askin and it makes me nervous,
chocolate honey rockin hundred dollar purses,
thick just the way i like it, attractive an stylistic,
its still hard to believe you could really be my missus..