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Four Great Holiday Dates For You AND Her

1. Snow Ball Fight (No budget)

Any outdoor winter activity makes a great holiday date. When you’re low on cash, a walk in the snow, a snowball fight, or an afternoon figure skating are great ways to spend time with your sweetie. Just make sure you don’t take her head and slam it into a snow bank or make her eat snow. This isn’t an extreme sport fellas.

2. Bake cookies. (Low Budget)

Cake boss turned baking into a badass kitchen sport, and the holidays are a great time to show off your skills. You and your girl are not very adept in the kitchen? Let me introduce you to Pillsbury. The fun is all in the decoration anyways, so grab a pre-made package for a few bucks and it will do the trick. Added bonus: Think of all the raw cookie dough you can eat. (I’m thinking Epic Meal Time: Sugar Edition)

3. Cook a great dinner. (Medium Budget)

Get a nice bottle of wine, some filet mignon, and some sort of ultra decadent chocolate dessert. This is a date for all occasions, and it never gets old. To add some holiday flare, decorate your place with Christmas lights and light some cinnamon scented candles.

4. An overnight or weekend get-away. (High Budget)

Removing yourselves from your everyday routine and environment is always a nice way to spend romantic time. Rent a cottage where you can sit by the fireplace drinking hot chocolate, and forget about all your worries back home. If you enjoy skiing of snowboarding, go to your closest resort for a weekend get-away. If your girlfriend doesn’t enjoy winter sports, send her off to enjoy a spa treatment while you hit the slopes. When you meet together for a cozy evening you’ll both feel refreshed.

Written by: Snow White