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10 Great Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Whether she asked you to plan something nice or is expecting you to just do it anyway, read on for ways to wow the pants off her this Valentine’s Day.

Take a dip. Take your fabulous female to a rejuvenating Nordic spa. Book a couple’s massage, enjoy the water circuit, and, if there’s a hotel attached, spring for a suite and turn that relaxing day into a romp-filled night.

Hit the slopes. Go skiing with your sweetheart and warm up those muscles in preparation for the pièce de résistance. Possible results…

or even better…

Make music. Whether it’s for the opera or to see your favourite group, there’s nothing more romantic than concert tickets for two. Check your local listings and chances are you’ll get lucky—there are usually a variety of bands playing on the day of Saint Valentine.

Get grooving. Whatever style you choose—waltz, salsa, tango, crump—even if you don’t like dancing, she will definitely love that you gave it a whirl.

Make it a meal-and-movie night. There’s a reason it’s a classic combo. Wine and dine her, then treat her to a cinematic adventure of her choice. Nothing says foreplay like a film noir, or what about that buzzed-about dramedy she’s been dying to see? If all else fails, rent The Notebook (it’s tried, tested, and true).

Book a B&B. Go ahead and build up an appetite before you even get out of bed. There’s no better place to start celebrating bright and early than at a romantic (and, ideally, secluded) bed-and-breakfast.

Say it from the heart. This one’s win-win. Write an epic poem and you could score a special prize just for her. No need to take yourself too seriously (a funny haiku or limerick will do), as long as you let those feelings flow.

Leave a happy trail. Why not have some fun and send her on a treasure hunt? Leave rose petals leading to various spots containing little gifts, like chocolate, lingerie, a picture frame, or even a handwritten love. Just be sure the last trail leads straight to you (clothing optional).

Have an open mind. Does she love the ballet or constantly beg you to take her to the museum? Whatever it is that she loves to do, suck it up and escort her with a smile.

Keep up the good work. Why stop there with the special treatment? Valentine’s Day is nice and all, but women want to be loved and appreciated all year round. Take it up a notch for the Hallmark holiday, but remember it’s important keep sharing the love.

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