Get brownie points

Complete tasks, add info, make her happy and earn points.


Earn and use brownie points

Get points

  • Sign up, fill out your info and fill out her info - each step gets you points!
  • Complete tasks she loves. Give her a massage, make dinner, watch sex in the city - for each job you complete, you get brownie points. Click here to get started.

Some sample Tasks

  • Took her on the vacation she's been talking about
  • Made lunch and brought it to her at work.
  • Defended her from another man.
  • Introduced her to my real parents.
  • Went to the pharmacy for those girl-things, gag.
  • Surprised her at work for lunch.
  • Bought her a thoughtful gift and I wasn't even in the doghouse.
  • Picked up dinner and took it to her place.
  • Cleaned up my apartment before she arrived.
  • Prepared an amazing dinner for her.

Use your points

  • Cash in your points with your girl.
  • Once you reach 1000 points and are an Amazing Boyfriend, you will receive a real paper diploma in the mail.
  • Soon, you will be able to cash in your points for great deals from our partners.


Every time you hit a new level of brownie points, you get a new badge, we have five levels. At the fourth level, you will receive a paper diploma.

0 Points

250 Points

1 000 Points

10 000 Points

100 000 Points

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