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We are guys, with girlfriends, who have made mistakes. Fortunately for you we’ve learned our lessons and have decided to share our hard-earned knowledge. The site is maintained by Jonathan, Ryan, Max, some other dudes and occasionally a couple of very cool chicks who’ve set more than a few boyfriends straight in their time.

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Our service is devoted to improving the quality of your relationships and understanding of your partner and self. We will accomplish this through practical and entertaining relationship advice, useful reminders and a concierge-type service for purchasing great gifts for your partner.

All of our services must adhere to the following rules:

  • Information must be practical, entertaining and actionable.
  • Women will always be treated as completely equal to men in all respects.
  • Never make any sexist remarks to either men or women.
  • We pledge to donate 2 percent of our revenues or 10 of our profits (whichever is greater) to education initiatives for girls in the developing world.